It's a "brand" new day at Riverfront, Inc.! Today we revealed a new brand, new name and new identity.

Riverfront Inc. will be switching to the new name of Aptiv in December.

Aptiv — a positive blend of the words aptitude, active, live and adaptive — is a created word, drawn from the ideas of natural ability, adaptability, energy, engagement, and exciting and fulfilling life. It's catchy, simple and concise. Aptiv is also unique.

The name Aptiv was developed because of the work we do every day provides people with disabilities the opportunity to:

· Showcase their aptitude for learning new skills
· Better-engage and play a more-active role in their community
· Live a more-meaningful and fulfilling life
· Find adaptive options that help them succeed in their goals.

The purpose of this new brand, new name and new identity is to better reflect that we serve people, that we are a vibrant organization with diverse services, and that we are able to serve a diverse group of people — youth ages 3-18 and adults — with any type of disability.

The new brand strategy focuses Aptiv’s service offerings under the three areas of live, learn and work.